Meaghan Jean


The only thing crazier than the music this past Thursday was probably the exceptionally rad hairstyles that graced our presence at the latest House Party

Photos: Bryan Derballa & Laura June Kirsch

Hey look it’s Mike!


I’m full of so much fucking love
But nobody even wants it


and stop viewing feminists as man haters!

Stop being creeps

I just was recently dumped. I am very upset by it. Which is a normal reaction. Male friends have been reaching out asking if I am okay. I explain my feelings and with most of them their response has been something sexual. How can you be that disgusting when I am in such a vulnerable state. Your dick is not going to help the healing process of a break up. I would like support from people I thought were friends and all you can think about is ” now she’s single I can fuck her”. Stop being disgusting.

Just got dumped today. What do I even do now?